2017: Twelve bridge concepts over twelve months

28 December 2017

Our team has completed a great job on very different projects this year. 2017 marks the year of bridges with 12 different concepts representing hundreds of hour in teamwork.  Here comes the list…


1. Bridge in Changsha for “San Guan Yi Ting”

Competition time: 2017

Place: Changsha, Hunan province, China

Project information: length= 250m, deck width=14m (including non-motorized vehicle lane)


 Proposition 1


Proposition 2


2. Five bridges for Meixihu Lake

Competition time: 2017

Place:Changsha, Hunan province, China


V- shape rigid frame bridge in Jinju Road: length= 154m, deck width=42m


Top-bear arch bridge in Songbai Road: length= 105m, deck width=41m


Through arch bridges in Zijing Road: length= 120m, deck width=narrowest 41m , widest 53m


Concrete girder bridge in Xuesong Road: length= 280m, deck width=46.5m


Concrete girder bridge in Kanyun Road: length= 157m, deck width=25m


3. Liyu Bridge in Zhuzhou

Competition time: 2017

Place:Zhuzhou, Hunan province, China


Twin Towers cable-stayed bridge: length= 4.15km,  Main span width=430m,deck width of main bridge=46m


Twin Towers suspension bridge: length= 4.15km,  Main span width=708m,deck width of main bridge=44m


Twin Towers Arch suspension bridge: length= 4.15km,  Main span width=708m, deck width of main bridge=37m


Single tower cable-stayed bridge: length= 4.15km,  Main span width=408m, deck width of main bridge=46m


4. Sea-crossing bridge in Guangxi

Competition time: 2017

Place: Guangxi province, China


Arch Bridge: length= 1.8km,  Main span width=400m, Height of Arch Tower=200m, deck width=34m


Cable-stayed bridge: length= 1.8km,  Main span width=1400m, main tower height =160m, deck width=34m