Bernard VIRY


About Bernard VIRY

Born in Epinal (France) in 1941, Bernard VIRY began as a boilermaker at the age of 17. Five years later, he started his own company : VIRY S.A., in his parents’ garage. At that time, the activity is artisanal, focusing on the manufacture of fuel tanks for domestic use. Gradually, Bernard specializes towards industry and building construction. Cumulating various patents, he quickly moved from a construction executive status to a designer who gaining recognition in the world of architecture.

As a result, Bernard VIRY’s work is moving towards high-tech construction. His experience has led him to participate in the design of international projects in collaboration with world-renowned architects such as: Renzo PIANO, Paul ANDREU or Richard ROGERS.

Today, his company having joined a French construction group, Bernard Viry, in collaboration with Nicolas Godelet, is dedicated exclusively to the technical-architectural design of structures such as bridges, footbridges, buildings, sports equipment, etc …

Exploiting its international experience in this type of activity, the Godelet-Viry team is able to implement innovative solutions, as much in the architectural expression as in the research and the use of materials taking into consideration the new environmental requirements without missing the economic constraints of the projects entrusted to them.