New Belgian Embassy in China, NG-Lab won the competition

5 December 2016

NG-Lab, in collaboration with AGWA (An architectural agency in Belgium) just won the competition for the construction of the new coming Belgian Embassy in Beijing. In this article LeJournalDeL’Architecte, a Belgian bi-monthly, interviews Nicolas Godelet.

How did you start your Agency in China? How do you approach each new project? Is urban planning in Beijing a different approach than in the Occident? Why collaborating with local architects is inevitable in China?

These are some of the questions JDA had for Nicolas GODELET before this new project: The new Belgian Embassy in Beijing. As one of the only Belgian architect based in China, it was an honor for him to win this competition and being able to represent his country. At the same time, it symbolizes the work of our lab in terms of research of new materials, and innovates the architecture in China by its wooden structure and low-carbon footprint.