NG-Lab won the competition: Sanguanyiting Pedestrian bridge in Changsha

9 July 2017

This new project of a pedestrian bridge is situated in Changsha City at the junction of the Xiangjiang river and LiuYang river. Its purpose is to create a pedestrian link on the north-south axis crossing Liuyang river, improve the tourism belt along both rivers, and establish a sound and comfortable walking system.

Bridge best site location

The site selection for this bridge was the one of the most important elements that made NG-Lab win the competiton. The bridge is located at the junction of the Xiangjiang river and LiuYang river which created a unique view that the bridge can not alter. For infrastructure and construction reasons, the bridge can not be located above the subway line either and if we position it too much on the east side, it would totally lose its first function which is to create a pedestrain link on the north-south axis. Therefore, the southern end of the bridge faces the hall of the Museum Hall, to enjoy the best view of it from the bridge, and allows an effective evacuation towards the  south. The northern end lends on Jintai Road connecting with Jintai Road Square and Kaifu residential district. It also links to the north bank of Liuyang River.


With a light and soft attitude, our design recalls the Xiangjiang river regional culture at the same time as echoing with the architectural form of Hall 3 Hall



Concept 1: Single Tower cable-stayed bridge

Main tower: 112 meters, root section of 5x5m. Curved deck Length: 262m. Water flow blocking rate: 2%

Total of 16 cables each 80cm of the main tower. The top one is connected at 86m highThe tower’s first cable 86 meters high.

The design recalls a women sitting on the river supporting the curved deck on her knees.  Only two concrete foundations while the main tower support all efforts. The main beam separates the sidewalks on one side from the bicycle lane on the other side of the curved deck. The shape of the main beam on the plan view with its curved shape on the elevation create a creative unique structural system. The cables are connected outside the beam with optimized cross-sectional dimensions.

Image credit: Frontera Design 前沿设计


Concept 2: Arch cable-stayed bridge

Curved deck Length: 262m. Water flow blocking rate: 3,2%. Main tower: 69m with a 62° angle.

The pedestrian and bicycle lanes remain at the same level and are safely separated by the seat green belt.

Image credit: Frontera Design 前沿设计


Design Details

Pavement and rain grate design are inspired from the gentle body of Phoenix.These details show the humane feelings of Hunan since ancient times, and arouse people’s concern and enthusiasm for traditional culture. The photo-luminescent ground is made from blocks incorporating luciferin crystals, which absorb solar radiation during the day and give a surreal luminosity in the evening.