Bicycle way and bridge design from Huilongguan to Shangdi area

  • Client:

    Beijing Municipal Commission Transport

  • When:


  • Where:

    Beijing, China

  • Scope:

    Bridges and Structures

  • Size:

    6.5 km

  • Cost:


The Changping Huilongguan-Haidian Shangdi bicycle way project is based on the concept of Green City development and environmentally friendly low-carbon transportation. It has been designed to reduce the traffic density on the main roads, improve the transition between Huilongguan and Shangdi during rush hours, and provide a dedicated and continuous fast bicycle way and a pleasant surrounding environment.

The whole project is 6.5 kilometers long, including a bridge of 2.7 kilometers, 2.8 kilometers of ground way, and 1.04 kilometers of existing roads.