Chongqing Airport T3 – Cabled Curtain Wall Facade

  • Client:

    Chongqing City

  • When:


  • Where:

    Chongqing, China

  • Scope:

    Bridges and Structures

  • Size:

    4500 m

  • Cost:

    25 200 000 Euros

The new T3 terminal at Chongqing Airport, the main city in western China, is designed by ADPI (Paris International Airport) and the Chengdu Institute of Architecture. Nicolas Godelet and Bernard Viry have been appointed as specialist structure consultants, concerning the curtain wall façades of the airport.

The facade extends over 4500m in length, with varying heights and varying loads depending on the wind and dead load. At the maximum height of 40m the forces on the structure are considerable. The façade must be economical so we propose a box structure on simple articulated supports. The height-adjustable columns are designed to increase their inertia perpendicularly to the facade. The glass panels are dimensioned with standard proportions.