Jiangsheng headquarters in Tianjin

  • Client:

    Tianjin Jiansheng Group

  • When:


  • Where:

    Tianjin, China

  • Scope:


  • Size:

    2000 m²

  • Cost:

    2 700 000 Euros

This project for the Jiangsheng Group head office is located in the city of Tianjin, a coastal city not far from Beijing, rich in 19th and early 20th century European architecture. The workshop has been appointed to design the architecture, interiors and the furniture. The customer expects a high quality of details and a close connection between exterior and interior, between the architectural details and the interior details.

The architecture consists of two sets of squares with golden rectangles, composed in a way that creates garden rooms between them. Stone and stucco are used externally, while wood, copper and woven carpet are used for the interior details. The two sets of squares which form the reception building and office building, are connected by a light steel structured gallery.

For this project we invited several high calibre Chinese and European craftsmen; cabinetmakers for the furniture and doors, stucco plasterers, limestone carvers, ironworkers for the copper railings and ceilings, lacquer and shagreen craftsman for the furniture and screens.

This project demonstrates the level of our collaboration with our partners, our ability to express and utilize our knowledge, and our ability to achieve a high quality result through management of the construction site. The knowledge of the craftsmen and their ability to follow our requirements in China is essential for the mastery of the details.