National Centre for the Performing Arts – Underwater Entrance Galleries

  • Client:

    Beijing City

  • When:


  • Where:

    Beijing, China

  • Scope:

    Architecture & Structures

  • Size:

    2100 m²

  • Cost:


Nicolas Godelet and Bernard Viry were appointed for the technical and structural design of the North and South underwater entrance galleries, respectively 1650m² and 456m². The galleries lead visitors into this major national centre realized for the Chinese capital by ADPI and Paul Andreu. The structural design of the dome has been realized by ADPI in partnership with Bernard Viry.

The galleries structure consists of a grid of rigid, braced, triangular box beams resting on ball-joint supports. Earthquake resistance is provided by dynamic shock-absorbers, inspired by civil engineering techniques. Flexible S-shaped joint seals allow for movement in the structure and prevents any deformation.

This complex project required a very high level of precision and experience. Our mission included aesthetic technical design of the structural components, realization of the construction drawings, approval of samples and also monitoring of the construction site until the completion of construction.