Renovation of Shougang Silos(Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games)

  • Client:

    SHOUGANG Group

  • When:


  • Where:

    Beijing, China

  • Scope:


  • Size:

    7 000 m²

  • Cost:

    6 468 000 Euros

This complex of silos is located in the former industrial site of Shougang in Beijing, one of China’s largest metallurgical sites. The silos were previously used to store minerals for steel manufacturing and have now been transformed to accommodate businesses, workshops and retail, to serve the wider context of the Shougang area. The project has been recognized as an exemplary renovation project and is currently occupied by BOCOG, the Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games. The workshop‘s mission for this project was the development of the two central silos and the roof level gallery containing a restaurant and basketball court.

The silos are grouped in pairs to allow for efficient vertical circulation. A new steel structure offset 1.2m from the original concrete walls consists of hollow round columns and concentric box beams with 18m spans. This independent load-bearing façade minimizes the strain on the original structure and allows in more natural light. No glass is visible on the facade in order to emphasize the dominating, non-human scale of the silos and to maintain their character as landmarks. The basement of the project houses conference rooms for 120 people.